Critical Ventures



Climate change is our most critical challenge to survival. Global warming's effects pose the biggest known risks across the greatest number of people.

Of the 17 warmest years ever on record, 16 of them have occurred in the last 20 years.

From natural disasters to human-led catastrophes, even the most modest climate change models shudder at the reality of its quickened impacts. We're open to hearing any ideas committed stopping climate change at both the macro and micro level.

We challenge you to see that this is a field where incremental progress is an excuse, not an explanation.


High school economics doesn't teach shit.

The understanding of, and equitable access to, financial literacy is essential to a thriving economy and the success of a community. But Gen-Z is posed to enter adulthood less financially equipped than their parents' generation before them. Poor credit history holds individuals back from starting businesses. 401(k) fees add up to tens of thousands (or hundreds) over time, yet 80% of Americans don't know how much in fees they pay.

We're facing a pandemic of the financially illiterate. We want to invest in platforms and work that solves these problems or endeavors to turn the page on "oh, we don't talk about money."


You can get your blood pressure taken at the pharmacy in the same arm-squeezer that was installed in the 80's. Yet your doctor, your dentist, and your eye doc all operate on three different insurances with a host of varying rules, co-pays, and unclear billing. Your neighbor's cat should not have better healthcare than you.

You own your body, and you have the right to have access to the best tools and information to inform your health decisions.

From digital tools to health care solutions for emerging economies, there is incredible room for innovation across all sectors of health, and we want to help facilitate that.


From farm to feast, human identity is shaped by the consumption of food. Whether used as a unifier of communal celebration, or researching the mental health effects caused by record starvation, food is an emotional journey.

Access to sustainable food that is healthy and authentic is in dire need. Product designs and user experience play a crucial role in moving food off the shelf. Tech that can help reduce food waste in the United States is in desperate demand. Agricultural production solutions for climate-challenged land are required for every inhabited continent on earth.

The future of food starts with the end of hunger.